The World's Critics Laud "The King of Chicago" by Doug Sharp

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  • "The King of Chicago is yet another triumph for the Cinemaware team. Master designer Doug Sharp has brought the world of Alphonse Capone, Thompson machine guns and protection rackets to life in what can only be described as a truly remarkable product. Full of surprises, twists and subplots, King of Chicago is possibly the only Cinemaware product, at present, really worth splashing out on... The King of Chicago is a brilliantly devised game that far outstrips others of its genre." Personal Computer World review
  • Casey Muratori, creator of Sushi Bar Samurai: "I don't think people realize what a landmark achievement in game development it was. Right now we don't really do interactive stories in games. When we finally break through that barrier, I think a game historian will look back and say 'wow, this thing was so far ahead of its time, it's scary.'"
  • A playthrough of Amiga King of Chicago:
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  • Review at Classic game site Home of The Underdogs: "King of Chicago is one of Cinemaware's best-loved games, and for good reason: it oozes a ton of atmosphere, and is simply a blast to play... This is definitely one of the best gangster games ever made... Recommended!"
  • Rated 8/10 at LemonAmiga
  • "If you're a fan of 30's gangster movies, you'll probably love King of Chicago... The King of Chicago is a highly entertaining game. You get to love and hate these digitized clay figures as real characters... King of Chicago represents a landmark in computer gaming... the game is unique, and represents a positive step toward software movies..." The MACazine Review
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  • "Prenant et re`aliste, King of Chicago sort du lot. Indespenable a` tous les possesseurs de mac qui se font du cine`ma sur l'`ecran noir de leurs nuits blanches. (Realistically speaking, the King of Chicago stands out from the pack. Indespensible to the Mac owners who create movies on the black screens of their white (sleepless) nights." SOS Aventure review
  • "The King of Chicago is unlike an game currently available for any computer... As the first of a new breed of computer software, The King of Chicago has plenty going for it. The dialogue is quick and clever, full of deadpan humor. Overall value.... 10." ConsumerGuide review
  • "... it is the attention to detail that makes this one a real pleasure... All the characters are dynamic, what you do and say changes how they react to you. Each one has a unique personality and desires..." Amiga Sentry review

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  • "The game of the month is King of Chicago on the Amiga 2000." Byte columnist Jerry Pournelle
  • "The game boasts the richest set of characters, both in number and substance, of any Cinemaware title to date." Amazing Computing Game of the Month review
  • "The King of Chicago is innovative, interesting, and a "must-get" for gamers tired of killing aliens and bored with save-the-world scenarios." A+ Magazine review
  • "This hybrid movie/game would not work at all if the dialogue sagged or the graphics were handled poorly, or the limited multiple-choice questions you answer had no clear effect on the plot. But it does work, mainly because The King of Chicago is consistently entertaining. Game designer Doug Sharp has saturated The King with plot and characters that might have come straight from the great gangster flicks of the 1930s..." MacWorld review
  • A Danish Review (with translation):

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